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Indieoclock or “in!” is the largest alternative and independent music site in Brazil. Victor Matheus of in!, released a full review of Butterfly Garden’s debut album, “This Was Gonna Last” on April 17th, 2023. Following is the review or click HERE for a direct link to the in! music blog.

English Translated Text:

By: Victor Matheus, April 17, 2023

¬†Butterfly Garden released its new album “This Was Gonna Last” being the band’s first release. Before, the singles “Sirenita and “Waste of Time” had been released. The new album brings nine tracks that are genius, to a band that is still very young, but with a sound maturity that shows the full potential of the guys from Butterfly Garden. The first track “17” brings riffs that are pleasant to hear, with a footprint of the beats that vary the movements and with that the rhythm of the song. The vocal comes in, solid, striking, and calm, and takes the listeners into a song that is strong in the lyrics and that in the instrumental part surprises a lot. An indie rock that already conquers listeners in this early album. Very versatile, “17” assumes other rumors and surprises ahead. “Attic” is the second song. Stripped, lively, and fun, the vocal singing without worrying, maintains its constant tone and maintains a very good balance with the instrumental, which is the opposite and has brilliant high riffs, with the beats well followed. It has the indie face of the 2000s that we miss.

Tinted Windows” is the fifth song. With a smooth, calm feel, with differentiated beats and very light chords, it is a fusion of indie rock and Brazilian bossa nova, a mixture that goes very well. With great quality, the band provides the listener indie rock lover the possibility of listening to this beautiful song on the beach, totally smooth and pleasant to hear. The seventh track “Waste of Time” has a solo at the beginning of two guitars, one base, and the other strumming, very smooth, a light rock, which has bass riffs and light beats in the course, a sound combination that pleases a lot. The vocal takes the listeners into the pre-chorus with instrumental breaks occasioned by the genius of the guitar and its solo. In the chorus, the vocal releases the voice and infects the listeners, making us want to sing along. “Sirenita” is the eighth song, with a bossa nova feel, surprising the guitar riffs in the background. The introduction is very close to the pace that Brazilians like. Afterward, there is a total change, more rock and roll beats, and striking guitar riffs enter. All the bossa nova style before it ends. It is impressive these rapid sound transformations that occur here. The chorus is fast-paced, with a female vocal in the background. The last track, the ninth, “Virginia” without many spoilers, has all the smoothness of the guitar, it’s a beginning where we already feel the intimate sound side of the band. There are 7 minutes of a song that is remarkable, with the guitar making all the sound, it is worth listening to. The album “This Was Gonna Last” has fantastic songs, indie rock that surprises, with its transformations and diversified sound environments, Butterfly Garden bursts with unforgettable instrumentals, and a vocalist with a solid timbre. It’s the new ones. If The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys had a child, it would be Butterfly Garden!